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AMI Empower is committed to using our profit to empower members of the community in need. When you purchase with AMI Empower,  you partner with us in this cause. Together we can help a struggling college student purchase books for school, purchase groceries for a widow with little income, and so much more. 

Read about those you have helped empower!

Image by christian buehner


Fern is a widow who has been a part of the Middle Tennessee community for her whole life. Fern is a caring and compassionate woman and takes care of those in her community. She takes her grandson to school every day. When her car window would no longer roll up, she couldn't assist with taking her young grandson to school with the cold temperature outside. With your help, AMI Empower was able to take care of Fern in her time of need. Fern was able to take her car to a local repair shop and have the motor for her window replaced. Fern is now able to take her grandson to and from school without having to worry about the temperature outside. 

Thanks for helping Fern! 


Mary is a blind and disabled widow who lives in a nursing home. She spends the majority of her day talking with loved ones on her cell phone. Mary has each family member or friend assigned to speed dial to quickly and easily make calls. Suddenly, her phone stopped working and left Mary unable to connect with those she regularly talks with. With your help, AMI Empower purchased a new phone for Mary and ensured the speed dials were entered into the new phone for quick access. Mary was so happy to be able to communicate with family and friends again! 


Thanks for helping Mary get a new phone!  

Image by Tatiana Zanon

Are you ready to become a part of empowering others in the community? 

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